'Women, Wolves and Wildflowers' (Mural in Progress). The second mural in a series for Las Cruces, New Mexico.


The mission is to end animal cruelty. The mission is critical. I have pondered this all my life. The solution, as I see it is this: Go up the river to the source and move one stone: the entire trajectory changes.


The source of animal cruelty, as I see it, is as follows: the mistaken myths we live by:


1. Animals are less than us.-----> Animals are our family.

2. Animals do not have a soul.------>Animals have a Soul.

3. Animals do not feel pain.------>Animals feel deeply.


These are the unconscious myths upon which I have put my unrelenting vision.


Even though we do not know it, these myths are in all of our most treasured stories. I adore Harry Potter for example, and yet, animals are often treated as inanimate objects. Transfigured into a teapot, etc. 


I've dedicated my life to writing a series of books. All my art comes from this motive: uplift every animal, one painting at a time. I made over 150 paintings last year with this aim in mind. I have 5000 pages written of my myths. 


So, with that mission in mind. I'm designing a series of murals to work with children.


Women, Children and Animals. This is the primary emphasis of this Art to honor the earth.


This is a mural I'm designing for Las Cruces, New Mexico. I will first sketch the outlines with black paint upon the wall. I will look at my designs (see below) and transfer them personally on to the wall. I'll erase mistakes with white paint. 


Then, the children of Las Cruces and the youth artists from the schools will paint the pieces in a color by numbers fashion! Isn't that amazing!?


Not only will this art piece give us a chance to teach the children about art it will also give us a chance to explore environmentalism and sustainability. The Wolf is an apex predator and therefore extremely important in the environment. When wolves were reintroduced in Yosemite, the over infestation of deer cleared up, making green food plentiful for other species to return including the beavers who started their amazing work on the river, slowing it down and creating a truly robust and sustainable ecosystem. Apex predators are not just on top of the food chain, they are the beating heart of the environment. We need them. 


Seeing as human beings are the very top of the food chain, it is our impact that matters most in the desert (as in any environment).

Women have historically suffered great violence in the desert surrounding Las Cruces. It is important to honor the sacred role our women play in our lives. Women, like Wolves, deserve honor. 


Last in the three I want to honor the native species so important to our land. The mural will include several species in much more detail. In later murals, the children will help choose the species they feel is most important to their local habitat and why.


In each of these murals for the people and by the people (since they're color by number, they're inherently inclusive.)  Each mural will include the critical native species. So far I've made some quick sketches of the yucca plant, our state flower and some local red flowers. But will be various other flowers and critical natives species reaching out into the desert. I never do too much detail in a sketch. It hampers the final product greatly.


Most importantly the wolf, the woman and the water birds are so necessary in the desert. 


The river is the Rio Grande... you can't see it save for in traditional triangles, like the woven representations from the First nations people. Obviously a river is a really essential part of nature. If you look at what happened when they reintroduced wolves to Yosemite, the river got bigger, the trees returned, the beavers returned and so the land was upgraded. Our desert has been downgraded. Right now most of New Mexico has been downgraded (as is most of the world), because of the troubles on the borders, damning of rivers etc. Beavers are the answer for most rivers. I'm not sure which animals will return to Las Cruces. I'll be researching that and I think the kids in the schools could do some of that research as well. 


I'm so excited to be part of this movement to bring real nature and real respect for all humanity and animals back into this area of the world.


Obviously factors such as  pollution, and factory farms, are massive elements. But I'd rather focus on the way through this time into the future. 


With love,


 Jade Solais Rose

"Animals need us creating beautiful and inspired artwork in their honor."

"Animals need a movement of enthused

young people who love them deeply and

see them as wise and worthy of respect."

"It's wonderful.  I absolutely adore it . . . The symbolism is striking, quite profound.  We should have one for every city and a ceremony during placement...

In all airports perhaps."

- Susan Berry, Upon seeing Jade's sketches for the new Las Cruces Mural

In this project, Jade will team up with children and other community members, teaching about analogous colors and how to match each space with a color.
The end piece will be a gorgeous patchwork of impressionism forming the theme:
Women, Wolves and Wildflowers

With this mural and others, various women, apex predators and wildflowers from around the Las Cruces region will be illustrated and honored through Jade's vision and the community's many hands.

While the above images highlight a vision for the mural to take shape within, it is far from complete.
Jade's finished work is exemplified by exquisite attention to detail.

"We will create a new world through the collective genius of animal people impassioned by what they love."

© 2019 by Jade Rose