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Visionary Insight 


repeatable creative breakthroughs  

The ancient yogis said that for every hour of yoga practice one should do four hours of meditation. This is because the ancient way of meditation has much less to do with inner calm and much more to do with learning to ride the intense fire of life raging inside. This retreat replaces a few of the ancient's meditation hours with unfettered expression of the creative spirit.

On this retreat the participants will practice yoga in the Pranakriya tradition, meditation on the path of fire and breath-work which stirs up latent power inside. They will then unleash the creative fire they've built up in bouts of creative force. Painting and writing marathons coupled with precision based drawing from life make for a wild week of creative genius. 

The creative force is like a hurricane: one must learn to sit still in the midst, gentle as a flower, strong as a tree. 

The retreat is one of rigor, truth, fire and love. There is no room for the critical, every day mind, to come in and stifle creativity. The prison of the everyday mind gets burned in the fire of yoga, breathwork and meditation leaving the creative spirit free to express it's innate brilliance.


It is a retreat for serious students who are interested in real transformation. Meditation is like a wild fire inside: it burns through anything that is not truly ourselves. The creative force is like a river: once it flows freely nothing can stop it's power.

Each day is structured so that the participants are at any one moment either 100% productive or 100% relaxed. There are times in which participants dive deep into the inner most feelings of the heart and times when they dance with the oceanic force of genius latent in their limbs.

The creative side of the retreat will include: painting, drawing, writing and free form movement. One need not be an expert in any of these fields in order to apply. One must, however, be willing to experiment. The retreat is about gaining freedom, gaining insight from the deep inner dimensions of yoga and meditation and expressing the depths of one's being in a variety of forms. Great clarity and flashes of knowings about the future come when the everyday mind dissolves and the inner genius of the creative spirit flows freely through the physical body.

Anything is possible

with the sun in your heart.


Yours in Service,

Jade Rose

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Photo: Abie Livesay Photography