3 Powerful Secrets To Move From Grief To Gratitude and From Pain To Power

#1. Presence

Pain is a pathway to depth. Depth a path to Spirit. Spirit a path of fire and strength.

We are present with the pain; we do not suppress it. We open to it. We feel it deeply. Turning it toward it rather than away: we honor our own magnitude. Presence changes experience the way nothing else can. Grief can be presenced and transformed into...

#2. Power

The power of the immortal heart deep inside. Through the pain, in the depths of your heart: there is a fire of immortal strength. It never dies. In our phone sessions we gently hold your heart in a space of endless love. You and I, together hand in hand, we discover the fire of strength deep inside. The heart is a beacon and it can communicate with other hearts, those in bodies as well as those who have passed on. This is the power we use to find and reconnect with your beloved lost one.


#3. Persistence

We use the magic of art to draw forth, from the darkness in to which you've lost them, the spirit of your beautiful departed companion. We then employ persistent daily reconnection to the spirit. We do this through the touchstone of the painting.

Together we will bring forth, from River of Stars, the soul essence of your beloved friend and I house them immortally upon the page. So that you can feel their loving presence every day when you look at the painting.


Jade Rose presents:



Shift from Grief to Gratitude in 2 Weeks

The Grief to Gratitude program is a two-week transformational journey that will comfort your heart to heal, bring your soul peace which culminates with personalized artwork to honor your beloved animal’s immortal soul.

#1. Presence

#2. Power

#3. Persist



Do you feel lost and alone, deeply immersed in your sorrow?

Are you looking for a magic to bring your lost one back?
Do you need a friend to guide you? 


I am here for you.


The feeling of loss and sadness does not have to last forever. Your heart will heal.


You are not alone. Your animal is closer than you think.

I have come to think of animals as the fingertips of angels.


I'm sending you so much love. 

All you need do is click the button below and we will start.

With love,


Jade Rose


The Program:

Here is what you will receive

on this one of a kind

2-week program.

"No-one else in the world does this work the way I do."

-Jade Rose

2×1hr Guided Phone-Call Healing Sessions with Me

You can add more hours as needed

$154 per hour

These are phone sessions in which we break open a wellspring of emotions, releasing that which is in the way and bring you into your strength. We dive deep into the center of your being to discover your source of power. It is from this space of strength that we compose your painting. So that each time you look at the picture you’re reminded of your strength, your tenacity and your purpose in this life and your unbreakable connection to the Divine part of you and your beloved which never dies.

Written Documentation:

A Loving Memorandum of your Beloved's Messages

I will send you everything I receive from them.


This is often very poetic and always deeply personal. They know what you are here on this Earth to do and they're holding that for you .

Enchanting Live Painting Sessions for Healing

I paint LIVE for you on the platform of your choice: Facebook, Instagram or Youtube. 

It's a beautiful and magical experience when the spirit of your animal suddenly comes forth on the page and shines live. Most of my clients leave comments saying they are crying tears of joy as they're reconnected to their lost friend.

A personalized painting done by a master

Art is closer to our true, immortal essence, because it is suffused in magic and it lasts longer than a life time.

How to Commission a Painting

Step one: Choose the size you'd like and make a deposit.


of half down:



15 x 20"


of half down:



18 x 24"



of half down:


20 x 27"






Step Two: Jade will be in direct contact with you and together you'll arrange times in which she will paint your portrait live on the platform of your choice (YouTube, Facebook or Instagram).

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 10.08.54 PM.pn

I can’t even speak. I’ve needed this today and all of it is so true to him and is and all through you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Jade.

Melissa Falcon,


upon receiving a painting of and transcribed messages from her dearly beloved, departed Theo, years after his death for she was still grieving his loss and these provided closure

If you'd like to talk with Jade before commissioning a portrait. Just schedule a session below:

The charge for your phone session will count toward the deposit for your painting.

not quite ready to book a session yet?


That's ok, check out


Laura and her cat, Fifi

“Jade has a gift, a vision, and deep kindness and empathy: she's an extraordinary person, utterly genuine, and whether or not you believe fully in any human's ability to reach across the barrier between the animal and the human mind, or the world of the living and that of the dead, you'll understand, after working with Jade, that you don't have to be spiritual or psychic or mystical yourself to benefit from the counsel of someone who believes, and who communicates with you, yourself, so empathetically, softly, but full of force and fire.”

Chris and his dog, Gibbs

“It has been such a blessing to have your portrait of Gibbs. It's hard right now, because Valentine’s day is the anniversary of the day Gibbs came into our lives. It's so meaningful to be able to feel his presence in the portrait, especially at times like these.

I am moved to express how much all your communications have helped me in Gibb's passing. He was so much more than a dog to me. The messages you have shared from him bring a fullness that has held me in these difficult times and shown me that even in pain and sorrow there can be depth, heartness, and forever love.”

SEe how my Clients


are transformed by my


one of a kind 





I paint the image of your beloved live on camera so you can watch as they magically come forth from the dark paper.

There is a moment in which a spark of life appears in their eyes and you can feel them, gazing at you. Many of the people watching our live sessions have also commissioned a painting of their animal. Honoring them in a group setting is immensely healing for all involved. As I’m painting, I will pass on any messages I receive. I also sing songs of reverence for them. The live viewers share in the sacred space with us, sending you warmth and love, many of them have been in your position and show up just to support you.  Your grief is brought into the light of our beautiful community where you are held and honored as we pay our respect to your animal and partake in your healing process.

This is a unique service specifically for you,

as there is no one else in the world that does what I do.

Take my hand and let me take you on your heart-healing transformational journey. Let us connect with the spirit and immortal heart of your beautiful friend.

I'm sending you love. I'll talk to you soon. Take care of yourself. 


Jade Rose

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"I am humble. This means so much to my soul... This has been such a beautiful experience. I am eternally grateful to you. 


Thank you. 


I love his painting. I love your process of it. How you do what you do. Even your songs while you work. This is all incredibly helpful to me. I am repeating myself but thank you so much! "

The client, Bhagti, in fresh grief after losing her dog, watching Jade paint her beloved departed live on Jade's Facebook feed.

I extend my hand to you, offering love, magic and peace. Will you take it?

Click here to make a deposit and book your first session at the same time.


How long will the portrait take to complete?

As soon as I start work on your portrait, it takes about two weeks from commencement.  I work on the next commission in the queue and will let you know as soon as I commence work on your piece of art.


Once I have joined the program and commissioned a portrait, what happens next?

I will ask you for some photographs and schedule a time for work to commence.  I will keep you informed throughout the whole process and engage with you regularly through our calls. I hold your grief process for you as we work through this period.


Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes. I require 50% payment in advance to enable me to commence work, and the remaining 50% is due on completion.


What’s included in the price?

The price of the program includes 4×1hr phone sessions, written documentation to serve as a special remembrance booklet of the messages received from your companion and of course your Immortal Painting.


(Note: shipping and transportation costs are not included.)


What if you cannot connect with my animal?

So far, I have never experienced this happening. With companion animals, you need the permission of their human companion to connect, which of course is you. Most animals are overjoyed to reconnect and are thrilled that they will come back once more in the form a portrait.


If I feel an animal or a person’s resistance in any way, I will honor it and be present with them. I will always respect their preferences and give them what they want and what they need.


How is the live painting recorded? I am not on Facebook.

The recording is usually broadcast live from my Facebook page and it is saved there.  It can also be broadcast via Instagram or YouTube. I let you know before I go live as your animal companion likes you to be there. If you do not have access to any of these platforms, I will contact you before I start and we can make alternative arrangements.  


At all times I work with what suites your needs, this is about serving you.


I’m not sure I believe in empath communication, is this still right for me?

Are you curious? Doubtful? Suspicious? You should be. It's wise to be wary. I was too once.


The truth is only revealed through direct experience. Belief gets in the way. You shouldn't believe in empathic communication; you should experience the connection directly. Otherwise, how can you know what is true and what isn't?


Your love for your beloved and the sacred connection and bond you had together is unquestionable. If you experience that again, you'll know. If that connection isn't present, then it isn't true empathic communication.


Only you can know your companion.  Their true personality. Their unconditional love.

If you feel the first session we do is off in any way then you’re free to cancel the portrait.


Art Is Magic For It Is Alive

Without Needing To Breath

Your animal is forever immortalized in the portrait, in the artwork you can feel their presence as they speak to you daily.

Let them guide you with their love from their painting.

Allow them to continue to do their sacred work. They came here for you, and they'll never leave your side.

You will feel their love every day in colors, and in the poetry of forms.