Jade Rose brings light into places which are dark. She has a masters in fine art and carries that mastery like a torch. She spent the past 15 years practicing: meditation, painting and animal communication.


The heart is an immortal fire. It is this fire which connects every sentient being one to another. 


A world without magic is no world at all.

Your animal's spirit is present and has much more still to give. They have eternal wisdom to impart, and a never ending love to share.


There is nothing to fear, and death cannot separate your animal's presence from yours. The heart is immortal and it's essence cannot be broken. We are not our physical bodies. That body comes and goes. The essence in your center is immortal and so is the essence of your beloved animal.

You are more powerful than you can possibly know. You have magic running through your veins.  


You’ve been told it doesn’t exist. That magic is a fairytale, born from myth, superstition and folklore. But I am going to show you that magic is very real.

Art is alive with out needing to breath because it has the magic in it.

A painting is more true to who we really are because it lasts longer than a lifetime. We are immortal and divine, our animals are too.



“I can’t even speak. I’ve needed this today and all of it is so true to him and is and all through you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Jade” - Melissa Falcon


"Jade leads retreats with exquisite serenity, consideration and intelligent planning. The experience informed, transformed and inspired immense shifts in both the inner and outer realms of my existence."


"You’re a nurturer and a teacher and you have imparted very special leaning to us. Thank you for teaching us how to breathe - in more ways than one. You’ve taught us clarity in expressing ourselves and helped us to find new places to explore. Thank you for your warmth, patience and beauty!"


"The retreat was both rejuvenating and productive. Jade is nurturing and goes beyond the classes to help you with your yoga practice. Her talent as a painter is truly wonderful and you’ll find yourself noticing everything around you through new eyes."


I have come to think of animals as the fingertips of angels; here to help us, teach us and hold us when we need them most.  


Most companion animals tell me they've come here for their person.

Together, we listen to their invisible communication and receive their sacred messages.

© 2019 by Jade Rose