Jade Rose has a Masters in Fine Art. She has been practicing and teaching meditation, yoga and breathwork for twelve years. She's been running retreats in Italy, Bali, the Caribbean and the United States since 2010.


She is kind and nurturing while simultaneously fiery and dedicated to truth. She will gently coax out the wild fire of passion from deep in your heart. It might mean diving directly into your sadness, your numbness, whatever it is that is holding you back. But she will help you and guide you with the most tender of hearts. Jade Rose brings light into places which are dark. She has a masters of fine art and carries her mastery like a torch.


She studies meditation at the Clairvision School and practices all of her passions daily. She has a certification in Thai Yoga Massage and often teaches partner massage in retreats when everyone needs to get very yin and quiet for a time. She is passionate about relaxation, deep contemplative studies, fiery yoga, singing to trees, communing with mountains, painting and drawing with wild abandon, dancing under the stars and connecting on a deep, potent level with each human being she can heart to heart.

Jade's Mural l 12-2-2018 l Nik's Homeste

Photo: Abie Livesay Photography